SoftwareQ is an Austrian-Malaysian company, originating from Austria. We are a small-scale company focusing on solution consultation and software development services. We have been genuinely active in every segment of the Software Development Lifecycle. SoftwareQ is a software craftmanship corporation with a focus on consulting, training, and software project outsourcing. 

We’re passionate about accompany you to transfer your ideas into real business values

Our talented team of experts builds bespoke, cost-effective, and smart software solutions that help to streamline processes for your business and generate new sources of revenue.

Meet our core team

Our strong team has a strong expertise to fulfil your software development and solution architecture needs. The best technologies, solutions, and tools cannot help any enterprises that lack the capability of leading change. People are the most significant player in the change process and indeed, managing multi-cultural teams, and distributed teams is a challenge of our century. We are proud to be part of a team of more than 20 nations. 

Ali Tabatabaei - SoftwareQ CEO


Founder & CEO

Ali started his journey in the computer world when he was eight years old. It had been more than 28 years since he started his first lines of code. His particular area of expertise is scalability as well as data-driven and process-driven business application. He is looking into the entire software development lifecycle, including all aspects of quality assurance, DevOps, and solution architecture. 

PeiChin - SoftwareQ Operations Manager

Pei Chin

Operations Manager

She makes sure that our projects are delivered on-time with the right resources within the budget. An expert in managing the momentum within our team and achieving the best communication grounds. She has years of experience shaping enterprise solutions using the Agile methodology.

Hassan - SoftwareQ Head of Engineering - Solution Architect


Software Architect & Azure Solution Expert

Hassan is our trusted software architect. He worked in various domains as a technical solution expert, software architect, and solution consultant. He brings years of experience in the Microsoft Azure cloud environment, speaks DevOps fluently, and supports the team in architectural and solution design.

Margo - Ukraine SoftwareQ Partner & VP of Sales


VP of Sales & Regional Director

Sales & Marketing Professional with 10+ years of practical experience in sales management and commercial development with great interest in IT market and software development. A Startup Contributor with expertise in iGaming, EdTech, Commercial Real Estate, Fintech and Banking, eCommerce, Insurance and Digital Transformation business domains.

Our Partners

CodeRabbit GmbH

Solution Architecture & Principal Quality Partner


Global Recruitment & Payroll Partner

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